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Dimaklumkan pihak kami masih tidak dapat stok epoints dengan harga yang lama akibat kejatuhan nilai RM berbanding USD, oleh itu pihak kami dan IB lain telah menukarkan rate terbaru 3.8/3.6 untuk semua epoints kami termasuk depo yang masih belum selesai. Harap maaf kesemua ini adalah diluar kawalan kami.


Terima kasih.

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Buat masa ini dimaklumkan kami mempunyai masalah dengan kadar USD yang semakin meningkat akibat kelembapan RM. Oleh itu pihak kami mendapati amat sukar epoints dan terdapat kelewatan dalam semua proses.Harap maaf atas kesulitan.


Harap maklum


Bank debit card of InstaForex

Pihak kami menggalakkan semua traders memohon kad DEBIT ini sebagai alternatif pengeluaran dari broker INSTAFOREX. Ia boleh digunakan disemua ATM-ATM di Malaysia dan seluruh DUNIA. Termasuk juga peniaga yang menggunakan mastercard di terminal mereka. Sila memohon segera di ruangan KABINET di www.instaforex.com.



Broker InstaForex invites its clients to get a pre-paid bank card InstaForex MasterCard. It is associated with the account in a foreign bank (South America) and can be used as the universal method of funds' withdrawal from a trading account with InstaForex anywhere in the world.All operations with the pre-paid card are totally confidential, no information is provided to a tax or regulatory authority of any country. With the help of InstaForex MasterCard you will be able to withdraw the funds directly to it from your InstaForex trading account within 24 hours. Thus, using the debit card from InstaForex – MasterCard – you will get a straight connection between the trading account in InstaForex and cash funds.Thanks to InstaForex cards Forex accounts has never been easier to use. You can order a MasterCard from InstaForex Company in the Client cabinet. One InstaForex – MasterCard can be used for different trading accounts, registered in your name.

Draw up your bank debit card from InstaForex right now!


All InstaForex customers regardless of their location have a possibility to obtain a
Debit Card in the US dollars for withdrawal of funds from their trading account.
At the moment, the service of withdrawing the funds from a trading account to
InsfaForex Debit Card is available to the clients who have replenished their trading
account via wire transfer or using a card.

The current Charges for InstaForex Debit Card are as follows:




Trading platform for BlackBerry, Android and Web by InstaForex

  InstaForex international broker is happy to present its clients and partners a mobile version of InstaTrader platform for such software as BlackBerry, Android ? Web. Now that InstaForex Company has introduced this novelty, its customers can enjoy conformable dealing on Forex employing their mobile devices!

Technology innovations are one of the priorities of InstaForex Company development: it always seeks to meet the most demanding requirements of its clients. InstaTrader mobile trading platform designed to make the conditions of working on Forex even more convenient is another novelty created by InstaForex specialists.

The mobile trading terminal has almost the same functions as its computer-based version. It opens new opportunities to Forex traders. In particular it allows making deals, receiving quotations on major currency pairs, cross rates, global stock indices and carrying out technical analysis. With the help the extremely clear InstaTrader interface one can set pending orders; Instant Execution Instant technology ensures high speed of deals execution.

You can only download InstaTrader platform for BlackBerry smartphones, Android operation system and Web platform from the official website of InstaForex international broker instaforex.com.



InstaForex – the Best Forex Broker in Asia 2010


The international company InstaForex is strengthening its leadership on the market of Forex brokers, implementing top-notch trading instruments, modern technologies of trading and widening the line of services. The high growth pace, development dynamics in all directions as well as the reliability and safeguard of InstaForex Company has been already appraised by over 200, 000 of customers.

The success achieved by InstaForex recently was estimated not only by traders and partners, but also by the major business publications in Europe. For the second year in line an authoritative British magazine World Finance named InstaForex Company "Best Broker – Asia" under the framework of a significant financial world award "World Finance Award".

The awards Best Broker – Asia,2009 and 2010 have become the reflection of the company's expansion in many directions as well as of its stability.

InstaForex expresses gratitude for the honor which the organizers of the award represented by "World Finance" have granted to our Company, as well as to thousands of traders who voted for InstaForex, having joined us.

You can be conversant with the voting totals, and the whole article about InstaForex Company awarding with "The Best Broker in Asia 2010" title adjudged by The World Finance magazine right now using the link to the electronic magazine version on open access.




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